With the advent of home automation systems these days, more and more companies choose to focus on manufacturing and developing these devices. The heightened competition among numerous brands benefit none other than us, the consumers.

Affordability is one of the results of this competition. These days, even regular households can afford smart home devices that bring comfort and security to the members of the family. Aside from the lower prices of these home systems, we gain another benefit from this tight competition among different companies – the development of easy-to-install feature of the latest home automation systems.

In fact, some home automation devices don’t need to be physically installed in our properties. They only need to be positioned strategically inside our houses. They don’t require assistance from professional handymen at all. Some are even ready-to-use upon downloading the phone apps that are included in the purchase. Take a look at some of them.


Smart Hubs 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you just spoke to your appliances and belongings and they instantly do their respective functions? Well, that’s possible with the help of a smart hub in your home. This smart gadget can link to other smart devices wirelessly and it transmits your voice commands to them. You just need to set your choice of keywords into this device so it would know the function you need to be fulfilled. Let’ say you want to open your lights just by saying it. You use the corresponding keyword and this smart hub will then order your smart lights to turn on. With this device, you can link every smart gadget and operate them with minimal effort.


Smart Remote Controls

If speaking your commands isn’t your cup of tea, pushing buttons might do the trick. A smart remote control can basically command any smart gadget it is linked to. Some of these appliances include televisions, DVD players, and speakers, among others. Just make sure to set this smart remote control properly to these devices and you can accomplish these tasks without standing from your chair.


Smart Wireless Camera Systems

It’s always a hassle to keep worrying about your kids or valuables at home whenever you need to leave for the office. The good thing is, you can use smart camera systems to keep an eye on your family and property. All you need to do is place these cameras in a strategic location, set them up to connect to your smartphone, and you’re good to go. With the help of WiFi, you can check your home via your phone anytime and anywhere you are. Be sure to visit ipcamerasingapore.com for more information.


Smart Locks

In the course of all our daily duties and tasks, we always tend to lose sight of our keys. It could be because they’re too small or we’re just plain careless. Once we lose them, all sense of calmness goes out through the window as we struggle to find our keys. If you want to do away with that kind of trouble, the most sensible thing to do is to have your doors installed with smart locks.

These smart devices act like a normal lock does. It prevents anyone from entering your house without your permission. What sets it apart is the only way you can engage this lock’s mechanism is by activating it on your smartphone. You see, this smart lock uses wireless technology to connect to your phone and give you the benefit of locking or unlocking a door remotely. With the help of this device, you no longer need to keep your keys close. All you need is your phone to give you the security you’re looking for.


Smart Thermostats

There’s no point in relaxing in a room where it’s hot and humid. There’s also no sense or logic if you keep fiddling with your air conditioner’s control to get the ideal temperature you’re seeking. To make things easier, you can easily install a smart thermostat on your AC unit. This smart device will do away with all the complications of your air conditioner. All you need to do is set your preferred temperature and it will stay that way until you change its setting. This smart device will also help you save more electricity and prolong the lifespan of your AC unit.



Easy-to-Install Home Automation Devices

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